• (adj): Capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out.
    Example: "Made of highly tensile steel alloy"
    Synonyms: ductile, malleable, pliable, pliant, tractile
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Landfill Liner - Mechanical Properties - Tensile Strength
... Tensile strength represents the ability for a geomembrane to resist tensile stress ... Geomembranes are most commonly tested for tensile strength using one of three methods the uniaxial tensile test described in ASTM D639-94, the wide-strip tensile test ... The multiaxial tensile test provides a plane stress boundary condition at the edges of the sample ...
Padeye - Designing
... Tensile stress 2 ... Tensile stress 4 ... Combined bending stress and tensile stress ...
Differential Stress
... In structural geology, differential stress is used to assess whether tensile or shear failure will occur when a Mohr circle (plotted using and ) touches the failure envelope of the rocks ... differential stress is less than four times the tensile strength of the rock, then extensional failure will occur ... If the differential stress is more than four times the tensile strength of the rock, then shear failure will occur ...
Index Of Structural Engineering Articles - T
... Tall building -- Tensile architecture -- Tensile strength -- Tensile stress -- Tensile structure -- Tension -- Timber -- Timber framing -- Thermal conductivity ...
Tensile Membrane Structures
... A tensile structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending ... The term tensile should not be confused with tensegrity, which is a structural form with both tension and compression elements ... Tensile structures are the most common type of thin-shell structures ...

More definitions of "tensile":

  • (adj): Of or relating to tension.
    Example: "Tensile stress"; "tensile pull"