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Assyrian Captivity Of Israel - Inevitable Historic Return
... return from its Babylonian Captivity, the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom never had a foreign edict granting permission to return and rebuild their homeland ... the restored Kingdom of Judah were still debating the return of the lost ten tribes ... The Return to Zion, are stated to be from the Tribe of Judah alongside the Tribe of Simeon that was absorbed into it, the Tribe of Benjamin, the Tribe ...
British Israelism - Tenets - Fate of The Israelites
... Two House Theology, British Israelites believe that the House of Israel became lost (see lost ten tribes) after they were captured and deported by the Assyrians in the 8th century BC ... as well as the Medes, and II Kings 18 ... which notes only the tribe of Judah was left (with some Benjamites and Levites amongst them ) ... of 2 Kings 1723 and 1 Chron 526 wrote that several tribes of the Israelites (including Gad, Reuben and half the Tribe of Manasseh) were still in the region ...
Theory Of Pashtun Descent From Israelites - Theories and Debates On Pashtun Origins - European Explorers and Researchers - Writings of Explorers
... George Moore published his famous work The Lost Tribes in 1861 ... He gave numerous facts to prove that these tribes are traceable to India ... people call themselves Bani Israel and universally claim to be the descendants of the Lost Tribes ...
French Israelism
... also the direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and it is often accompanied by the belief that the Merovingian dynasty is directly descended from the line ... One of the earliest scholars to claim that he could trace the ten lost tribes of Israel to France was the French Huguenot writer, Jacques Abbadie, who fled French Roman Catholic persecution ... The Triumph Of Providence, he wrote God opened, as one might say, the tomb of the Ten Tribes by the conversion of the Northern Peoples.. ...
Messiah Ben Joseph - Sources in Chronological Order - Later Authorities
... (1809-1879 CE), will be the future leader of the Lost Ten Tribes when they return (see Malbim on Ezekiel 37 and Micah 5) ... Later The Messiah son of Joseph is killed and Messiah son of David rules over all Twelve Tribes ... Joseph was not considered the future leader of the Ten Tribes, although twice it is mentioned that a part of the Ten Tribes will be found among those who will gather about his standard ...

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