The word telly may refer to:

  • A colloquial term for television
  • Telly Monster
  • Telly Awards
  • Telly Home Entertainment Server
  • Telly (home entertainment server), a range of computer systems
  • Telly Addicts UK game show
  • Indian Telly Awards
  • Telly Savalas, American actor

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Second Opinion (TV Series) - Awards
... Second Opinion has won numerous Communicator and Telly Awards. 2008 Silver Telly Award "Parkinson's Disease" 2008 Bronze Telly Award "Ovarian Cancer" 2008 Bronze Telly Award "Suicide" 2009 Bronze Telly Award "Vaccines" 2009 ...
Telly (home Entertainment Server) - Key Features - Music Functionality
... for drag and drop music collections from PCs and Macs to Telly server Import Music folder in most popular non-DRM formats including MP3, AAC, and ...
Telly (home Entertainment Server)
... The Telly home entertainment server is range of computer systems designed to store, manage, and access all forms of digital media in the home ... Content on Telly systems appears to both Windows and Mac PCs as local networked volumes and can be accessed over the network ... The Telly server web site provides management of and access to music, photos, and video ...
Aqua Kids (TV Series) - Awards
2007 Telly - Bronze Award - Children’s Programming - “Aqua Kids - Ft ... McHenry Urban Wetlands” 2007 Telly - Bronze Award - Children‘s Programming - “Aqua Kids - Estuary Life” 2006 Telly - Bronze Award - Children‘s Programming - “Aqua Kids - National Aquarium” 2006 ...
Michael V. Pomarico - Awards and Nominations
2009, 2010 Directing, All My Children Telly Awards for Producing - Coming Home Again 2007 Telly Award for Editing - Coming Home Again 2007 Telly Award for Editing ...