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T.I.'s Road To Redemption
... on the 45 days before rapper T.I.'s March sentencing, hoping to encourage teenagers to avoid spending a life of crime ... He will be trying to show seven teenagers that there is "another way" ... the mistakes he has made in the past and the lessons he has learned from them to teenagers across the United States ...
Chore Chart - Age Appropriate Chores - Teenagers
... Teenagers can handle most household chores, but reward and consequence are important now because their schedules may force them to be forgetful about household duties ...
Salzburg Witch Trials - The Jackl Trial
... The boy confessed that Jackl was the leader of gangs of poor beggar-children and teenagers from the slum, whom he taught black magic ... led to mass arrests of homeless children and teenagers ... During the interrogations of the captive beggar-teenagers, the confessions of the prisoners lead to more and more myths about Jackl ...
Simcoe Composite School - Attractions and Amenities - Nearby Attractions
... To the east, there is a neighbourhood, where teenagers usually walk to the high school and back ... There is a radius of 2 miles or 3.2 kilometres that the teenagers can take advantage of their walking "privileges" before having to take a school bus ... Some of the teenagers have been reported walking all the way back from Mann Street where the wealthy elite of Simcoe live in their modern houses ...
Christmas In The Post-War United States - Teenagers - Films and Music
... a vehicle for sex symbol Jayne Mansfield, with the subplot being a satire of teenagers and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll music ...

Famous quotes containing the word teenagers:

    [As we say], “When you get to be 18 you’re out of here.” No wonder teenagers start to distance themselves from us.
    Jerry Tello (20th century)

    The years when we are parenting teenagers are the high point, the crest when everything seems to be in bright colors and in ten-foot letters.
    —Jean Jacobs Speizer. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Collective, ch. 4 (1978)

    It is through friendships that teenagers learn to take responsibility, provide support, and give their loyalty to non- family members. It is also in teenage friendships that young people find confidants with whom to share thoughts and feelings that they are not comfortable sharing with their parents. Such sharing becomes one of the elements of true intimacy, which will be established later.
    David Elkind (20th century)