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Michael Glenn Williams - Technologist
... As a technologist, Williams has served as the Vice Chair of the IEEE 802.21 working group, secretary for the IEEE 1275 Open Firmware working group, and member of the IEEE 1754 Open ...
Sydney Accord - Signatories - United States
... has significant confusion in defining a unified technologist registration for professionals ... This is because the NSPE has opposed legal registration of technologist by the United States government through a licensing program ... on what represents the qualities of a technologist ...
Association Of Science And Engineering Technology Professionals Of Alberta (ASET) - Certification - Designations
... Certified Engineering Technologist) P.Tech.(Eng.) (Professional Technologist - Engineering) - Members who earn this designation have the right to practice engineering independently in accordance with ... Technician/Technologist in Training) - open to any person who resides in the province of Alberta or the Canadian Territories and who graduated from a Canadian institute of ... Registered Engineering Technologist) - a senior designation still recognized in Alberta, but no longer offered The above symbols are legally protected for ...
National Institute For Certification In Engineering Technologies - Credibility
... with different perspectives on what represents the qualities of a Technologist ... The Technologist title from NICET does not require an examination for registration at the Technologist level ... The Technologist registration requires that an individual will have graduated from a university that is ABET/TAC accredited and provide evidence of appropriate experience ...
Sydney Accord - Scope
... The Sydney Accord covers engineering technologist qualifications ... of the Sydney Accord only covers the academic requirement for an engineering technologist qualification ... Engineering technologist titles do not transfer directly between signatory countries, that don't have reciprocating agreements, because the signatory countries ...

Famous quotes containing the word technologist:

    I don’t believe in providence and fate, as a technologist I am used to reckoning with the formulae of probability.
    Max Frisch (1911–1991)

    The technologist was the final guise of the white missionary, industrialization the last gospel of a dying race and living standards a substitute for a purpose in living.
    Max Frisch (1911–1991)