• (noun): A large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles.
    Synonyms: shooter
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The Tokyo Towers
... The Tokyo Towers (ザ・トーキョー・タワーズ, Za Tōkyō Tawāzu?) is a condominium complex located in the Kachidoki district of Chūō, Tokyo, Japan ... towers The southern Sea Tower (シータワー, Shī Tawā?) on the ocean-facing side and the downtown-facing north Mid Tower (ミッドタワー, Middo Tawā?) ...
Pouteria Costata - In Māori Culture
... Tawāpou logs were often used as rollers to help bring large canoes onshore ... From the rollers grew a grove of tawāpou (P ... Similar stories are told of groves of tawāpou trees at Houhoura Harbour and Aurere Beach ...
River Yeo (Barnstaple)
... The River Yeo is a tributary of the River Taw in Devon, England, sometimes known as the Barnstaple Yeo, which enters the Taw at Barnstaple ... of several rivers of the same name in Devon, including another tributary of the Taw, the Lapford Yeo ...
Daniel Tawéma
... Daniel Tawéma (born December 31, 1947) is a Beninese politician ... Tawéma was a member of the National Assembly of Benin from 1991 to 1995 ... During Kérékou's second period in office, Tawéma was Minister of the Interior from 1998 to February 2005 (Minister of the Interior, Security, and Territorial ...
Little Dart River
... The Little Dart River is a tributary of the River Taw in Devon, England ... It joins the Taw a mile west of Chulmleigh ... wooded valley between Chawleigh and Chulmleigh before meeting the Taw ...

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  • (noun): The 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.