Tatar Language

The Tatar language (татар теле, татарча, tatar tele, tatarça), or more specifically Kazan Tatar, is a Turkic language spoken by the Tatars of historical Kazan Khanate, including modern Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. It should not be confused with the Crimean Tatar language, to which it is remotely related.

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Tatar (disambiguation) - Language
... Crimean Tatar language, language of the Crimean Tatars Old Tatar language, literary language used among the Muslim Tatars from the Middle Ages till the 19th century Tatar alphabet, scripts ...
Mirfatyh Zakiev
... M.Zakiev served as a Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Tatar ASSR (Chairman of the republican parliament in the Tatarstan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of ... major scientific research in the field of the Tatar Linguistics, Türkology ... research in syntactic architecture of the Tatar language ...
Tatarian - Subgroups - Volga Tatars
... Some Volga Tatars speak different dialects of Tatar language ... Mişär-Tatars (or Mishars) are a group of Tatars speaking a dialect of the Tatar language ... The Western Tatars have their capital in the town of Qasím (Kasimov in Russian transcription) in Ryazan Oblast, with a Tatar population of 1100 ...
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... "Phraseological Dictionary of the Tatar Language" (monograph) ... (Russian) (Tatar language) Akhatov G ... "Tatar Dialectology" (Textbook for university students) ...

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