Target Object

Some articles on objects, object, target object:

Feature-oriented Programming - FOMDD
... Objects are program representations, downward arrows are derivations, and horizontal arrows are deltas ... A fundamental property of a commuting diagram is that all paths between two objects are equivalent ... For example, one way to derive the bytecode b3 of parser p3 (lower right object in the above figure) from grammar gf of parser f (upper left object) is to derive the bytecode ...
Shadow (OS/2)
... In the graphical Workplace Shell of the OS/2 operating system, a shadow is an object that represents another object ... A shadow is a stand-in for any other object on the desktop, such as a document, an application, a folder, a hard disk, a network share or removable medium, or a printer ... A target object can have an arbitrary number of shadows ...

Famous quotes containing the words object and/or target:

    I wish you would not let him plunge into a ôvortex of
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    Jane Austen (1775–1817)

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    Robert Frost (1874–1963)