Target Language

Target language may refer to:

  • Target language, in applied linguistics and language education, the language which a person is learning, also called second language
  • Target language, in translation, the language to which a source text is translated
  • Target language, in computer science, the computer language that a compiler translates into source code

Other articles related to "language, target language, target":

Sen Lin Hu - Villages - Village Culture
... Each language village site has numerous traditions, many of which are related to meals and songs ... in which each food and its name are presented in a short skit before each meal, are a language tool implemented by almost all programs ... Many villages also put on a restaurant night for villagers to practice going out using their target language ...
Michel Thomas Method - Method
... of 'being put on the spot' of conventional language learning, especially school language learning, is a key advantage of the method ... Interviewed for the documentary The Language Master, Margaret Thompson, headmistress of the school in which the documentary was filmed, commented that in general, teachers "try and ... The teacher then introduces short words and phrases in the target language ...
Competition Model - Theoretical Components - Language Acquisition
... Competition Model has been developed into a unified theory of first and second language acquisition ... account for a number of psycholinguistic processes involved in language acquisition, including arenas, cues, storage, chunking, codes, and resonance ... these cognitive mechanisms controls the activation of representations in the target language (and, in the case of second language learners, the native language) that compete in the mind of the learner ...
Legal Translation
... culture and this is reflected in the legal language similarly, the target text (TT) is to be read by someone who is familiar with the other legal system (corresponding to the jurisdiction ... Textual conventions in the source language are often culture-dependent and may not correspond to conventions in the target culture (see e.g ... Linguistic structures that are often found in the source language may have no direct equivalent structures in the target language ...

Famous quotes containing the words language and/or target:

    Translate a book a dozen times from one language to another, and what becomes of its style? Most books would be worn out and disappear in this ordeal. The pen which wrote it is soon destroyed, but the poem survives.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Well gentlemen, this is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Tonight your target is Tokyo. And you’re gonna play ‘em the Star Spangled Banner with two-ton bombs. All you’ve got to do is to remember what you’ve learned and follow your squadron leaders. They’ll get you in, and they’ll get you out. Any questions? All right that’s all. Good luck to you. Give ‘em hell.
    Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)