Tap Water

Tap water (running water, city water, municipal water, etc.) is potable water supplied to a tap (valve) inside the household or workplace. It is a principal component of "indoor plumbing", which became available in urban areas of the developed world during the last quarter of the 19th century, and common during the mid-20th century. The application of technologies involved in providing clean (potable) water to homes, businesses and public buildings is a major subfield of sanitary engineering. Calling potable water "tap water" distinguishes it from the other main types of potable water, such as water from rainwater-collecting cisterns, from village pumps (town pumps), or from streams, rivers, or lakes (whose potability varies).

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Methylobacterium Mesophilicum
... Tap water has been implicated as a possible mode of transmission for these bacteria in the hospital environment ... been reported to exhibit resistance to chlorination and have been isolated from tap water in various clinical settings, including an investigation of a pseudo-outbreak, water from dental units, and blood ... The association of these organisms with tap water recently prompted Hornei et al ...
Tap Water - Cloudiness Due To Dissolved Gases
... Tap water can sometimes appear cloudy, and this is often mistaken for a mineral impurity in the water ... Cloudy water, also known as white water, is actually caused by air bubbles coming out of solution in the water ... Because cold water holds more air than warm water, small bubbles will appear in water with a high dissolved oxygen content that is heated or ...
Aburagi Dam - Purpose
... Dam is used for flood control, unspecified water utilization, and tap water provision, as well as industrial water provision and hydroelectricity generation, making the dam ... Flood as a flood control standard, Aburagi Dam enables floodwaters at 870 tons of water per second across the city of Saikawa to be cut by 260 tons per second, reducing the floodwater ... Unspecified water utilization The dam allows for the necessary water provision amount under customary water right levels across the Imagawa River basin ...
Water Supply And Sanitation In Canada - Link To Water Resources
... While Canada has lots of fresh water (7% of the world's renewable freshwater), this water is not always available where needed ... border with the United States and most of the country's fresh water draining to the north it is not surprising that those drainage basins with higher freshwater use to availability ratios are also located ... Municipal water supply accounts for 12% of water use in Canada ...
Traditional Cooling Baths - Water / Ice Alternatives
... In water and ice-based baths, tap water is commonly used due to ease of access and the higher costs of using ultrapure water ... However, tap water and ice derived from tap water can be a contaminant to biological and chemical samples ... a similar cooling or freezing effect as ice baths without the use of water or ice ...

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