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Su Dingfang - Campaign Against Baekje
... Also in spring 660, Tang's ally on the Korean Peninsula, Silla, sought aid from Tang due to attacks from Baekje ... Baekje forces tried to prevent Tang forces from landing, but could not ... Tang forces directly attacked the Baekje capital Sabi and put it under siege ...
Li Zhongchen - As Roving General During The Anshi Rebellion
... Later in 757, when Emperor Xuanzong's son Emperor Suzong had taken over as emperor, a joint Tang and Huige army recaptured Chang'an and Luoyang from Yan, then under the rule of ... A number of Tang generals, including, in addition to Dong Qin, Guo Ziyi, Lu Jiong (魯炅), Li Huan (李奐), Xu Shuji (許叔冀), Li Siye, Ji Guangchen ... Siming, who had briefly submitted to Emperor Suzong but then turned against Tang again, attacked Tang forces at Yecheng and caused them to collapse and scatter, and then killed An Qingxu, taking ...
Shi Siming - During Anshi Rebellion - Brief Submission To Emperor Suzong and Re-rebellion
... After Shi Siming's submission to Tang, the other nearby prefectures also largely submitted to Tang, leaving An Qingxu isolated in Yecheng, holding only Yecheng and its ... However, a number of Tang generals, including Li Guangbi and Zhang Gao, doubted Shi's sincerity ... He did not initially formally turn against Tang, but made an ultimatum demanding Li Guangbi's death ...
Emperor Suzong Of Tang - Reign
... set his eyes on recapturing Chang'an from Yan forces, as Yan forces faced heavy resistance from the people of the Guanzhong region (i.e ... attempt to do so, commanded by the chancellor Fang Guan, was defeated by the Yan forces near Chang'an with heavy losses ... south of the Yangtze River, but was quickly defeated and killed by forces loyal to Emperor Suzong ...
An Qingxu - As Emperor
... Meanwhile, with the major general Shi Siming sieging the Tang general Li Guangbi at Taiyuan, An Qingxu ordered Shi to return to his base of Fanyang and leave the general Cai ... to attack the city of Suiyang, then under the defense by the Tang generals Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan (許遠), intending to first capture Suiyang and then send Yin south to capture Tang territory south ... When the Tang general Guo Ziyi attacked Tong Pass, intending to recapture Chang'an, however, An was able to send forces to repel Guo's attack ...

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