Tan may refer to:

  • Tanbark, or tan, bark of certain species of tree
  • Tan (color), pale shade of brown
  • Tangent function, or tan, one of the main trigonometric functions
  • Tanning, the process of making leather from hides
  • Sun tanning, the darkening of skin in response to ultraviolet light
  • Sunless tanning, the darkening of skin without ultraviolet light
  • Tan (goat pattern), goat color pattern
  • Tanfana, or Tan, ancient European goddess
  • Tan (surname) (譚), a Chinese surname
  • Chen (surname) (陳), a Chinese surname, pronounced "Tan" in Min Nan languages
  • Lao Zi, posthumous name "Tan" or "Dān" (聃), philosopher of ancient China
  • TAN Books & Publishers, a Catholic publishing company
  • OS-tan, an Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel
  • Tan (album), a live album by the Polish rock band Kult
  • Tahn, a yoghurt-based drink from the Middle East
  • Tan (state), ancient Chinese kingdom situated in eastern Shandong Province
  • Leborgne, nickname Tan, a patient of Paul Broca, on whose autopsy he identified Broca's area

"TAN" or "tan" may also be a three-letter abbreviation for:

  • Tanzania (IOC and FIFA trigram; the ISO 3166 trigram is TZA)
  • Thrust Augmented Nozzle -- an advanced rocket nozzle design.
  • Total Acid Number, the measure of a lubricant's or crude oil's acidity
  • Transaction authentication number in electronic banking
  • Tree augmented naive Bayes, a probabilistic classifier based on applying Bayes' theorem
  • Taunton Municipal Airport, IATA airport code TAN, airport in Taunton, Massachusetts
  • Tax Deduction Account Number, issued by Indian Income Tax Department for deduction of tax at source.
  • Thunderbirds Are Now!, a Detroit-based neo-post-punk band
  • Tenth Avenue North, a Contemporary Christian band
  • The Anime Network, an all-anime channel
  • This Aint News, a social news website with a firm stance on preserving Freedom of speech
  • Tiny area network, a local area network with 2–3 nodes connection, usually implemented for shared files, folders and printers in a home or small office environment
  • Total amoniacal Nitrogen, Nitrogen content in form of ammonium

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