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  • Tally marks

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Tally - Other
... (The Banana Boat Song) a song featuring a lyrical reference to the "Tally Man" Tally counter a mechanical device used to maintain a linear count ... Tally (cap) a ribbon on a sailor's cap Tally (voting) an unofficial private observation of an election count carried out under Proportional Representation using the Single ...
Scantegrity - Method - Verification
... After the election, the trustees generate an independent tally from the voter-verifiable list of ballots and confirmation codes ... code and the candidate voted for must remain secret, the tally is generated using an anonymity-preserving backend ... Steps in the tally can be recalculated by anyone to ensure its correctness ...
Scantegrity - Advantages
... Optical scan voting systems produce an electronic tally, while maintaining the original paper ballots which can be rescanned or manually hand-counted to provide an ostensibly ... the underlying system still produces both an electronic tally as well as a human readable paper trail through which manual recounts can still be conducted ...