Takako Matsu - Theater


  1. Ninjō-banashi: Bunshichi Mottoi (人情噺文七元結, Real-life story: Bunshichi paper cord for tying the hair?) (Kabuki-za, 1993) - Ohisa
  2. Koiki na Yūrei (小粋な幽霊, a Stylish Ghost?) (Shinbashi Enbujō, 1994) - Botan
  3. Ajisai (あぢさゐ, Hydrangea?) (Shinbashi Enbujō, 1994) - Omitsu
  4. Taki no Shiraito (滝の白糸, the White Thread in the Waterfall?) (Shinbashi Enbujō, 1994) - Kikyō
  5. Jyunsaihan (じゅんさいはん?) (Shinbashi Enbujō, 1994) - Oume
  6. Man of La Mancha
    • (Aoyama Theater 1995) (Meitetsu Hall/ Aoyama Theatre, 1997) (Theater Hiten/ Aoyama Theatre, 1999) - Antonia
    • (Hakata-za/ Imperial Garden Theater, 2002), (Meitetsu Hall/ Imperial Garden Theater, 2005), (Imperial Garden Theater, 2008), (Theater Brava!, 2009) - Aldonza
  7. Hamlet (Ginza Cezon Theater 1995, 1998, etc) - Ophelia
  8. Tengai no Hana (天涯の花?) (Shinbashi Enbujō, 1999)
  9. The Good Person of Szechwan (New National Theater, 1999/ Akasaka ACT Theater 2001) - Shen Te/ Shui Ta
  10. Okepi (Aoyama Theatre, 2000) - Shinonome
  11. Voyage ~Senjō no Syanikusai~ (〜船上の謝肉祭〜, ~Carnival on the ship~?) (Theater Cocoon, 2000) – (lead role)
  12. Natsu Hoteru (夏ホテル, Summer Hotel?) (Parco Theater 2001) - Kaoru
  13. Wuthering Heights (Shinbashi Enbujō, 2002) – Catherine Earnshaw
  14. Mozart! (Nissei Theater; 2002) - Constanze Mozart
  15. NODA MAP: Oil (Theater Cocoon, 2003/ Kintetsu Theater 2003) Fuji
  16. Ohatsu (Shinbashi Enbujō, 2004) - Ohatsu
  17. Roningai (Aoyama Theatre, 2004) Oshin
  18. Miss Saigon (Imperial Garden Theater, 2004) - Kim
  19. The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Setagaya Public Theater, 2005) - Gursha
  20. NODA MAP: Fake Crime and Punishment (Theater Cocoon 2005-6, Theater Brava!, 2005-6) – Hanabusa Sanjo
  21. Metal Macbeth (Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre/ Aoyama Theatre/ Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, 2006) - Mrs. RandomStar
  22. Hibari (ひばり, Skylark?) (Theater Cocoon, 2007) – Joan of Arc
  23. Romance (Setagaya Public Theater, 2007) Maria Chekhova
  24. Sisters (Parco Theater, 2008) – Kaoru Ozaki
  25. NODA MAP: Piper (Theater Cocoon, 2009) - Deimos
  26. Jane Eyre (Nissei Theater, 2009, 2012) – Jane Eyre
  27. Futari no Otto to Watashi no Jijou (2人の夫とわたしの事情, Family reason of my two husbands and me?) (Original title: Home and Beauty) (2010) - Victoria
  28. Twelfth Night (2011) – Sebastian/ Viola
  29. Oto no Inai Sekai de (音のいない世界で, In the world without the sound?) (2012-2013)

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