Tail Gunner

A tail gunner or rear gunner is a crewman on a military aircraft who functions as a gunner defending against enemy fighter attacks from the rear, or "tail", of the plane. The tail gunner operates a flexible machine gun emplacement on either the top or tail end of the aircraft with a generally unobstructed view toward the rear of the aircraft. While the term tail gunner is usually associated with a crewman inside a gun turret, tail gun armaments may also be operated by remote control from another part of the aircraft.

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... Tail Gunner Joe is a 1977 television movie dramatizing the life of U.S ... The nickname 'Tail Gunner Joe' is a derisive term for the Senator that originated from his false claim to have been a tail gunner on American bombers during World War II ...
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - Operational History - Vietnam War - Air-to-air Victories
... During the Vietnam War, B-52D tail gunners were credited with shooting down two MiG-21 "Fishbeds" ... On 18 December 1972, tail gunner SSgt Samuel O ... Le Blance, the tail gunner in a nearby Stratofortress ...
David R. Kingsley - Medal of Honor Citation
... to the aircraft and severely wounding the tail gunner in the upper arm ... Kingsley that the tail gunner had been wounded and that assistance was needed to check the bleeding ... The tail gunner's parachute harness and heavy clothes were removed and he was covered with blankets, making him as comfortable as possible ...
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... Ball turret Joseph McCarthy ("Tail-gunner Joe"). ...
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... a machine gun (with new ammo box) mounted in one of the waist gunner positions ... New gun barrels were fabricated and added to the tail and chin positions and a fully refurbished, modified top turret has been installed ... equipment, particularly in the radio compartment and tail gunner positions are being restored, replaced with new surplus items, or if necessary, fabricated in preparation for reinstallation when structural repairs ...

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