• (adj): Of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch.
    Example: "A tactile reflex"
    Synonyms: haptic, tactual
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Touch - Individual Differences
... One well-studied area is passive tactile spatial acuity, the ability to resolve the fine spatial details of an object pressed against the stationary skin ... methods have been used to measure passive tactile spatial acuity, perhaps the most rigorous being the grating orientation task ... studies have shown a decline in passive tactile spatial acuity with age the reasons for this decline are unknown, but may include loss of tactile receptors during normal aging ...
Saccadic Suppression Of Image Displacement - Tactile Suppression of Displacement
1975) in the tactile system ... had changed location as they moved their fingers over the tactile display ...
Ann-Mari Edvardsen - Discography - With Tactile Gemma
... Tactile Gemma demo (demo, 1998) Tactile Gemma (full-length, 2001). ...
Talking Tactile Tablet
... A talking tactile tablet or T3 is a graphic tablet with a touch surface that can be used as an input device that uses swell paper to create 3D overlays and connects audio-files to parts of the overlays ... The device is connected to a computer and run with a programme CD, and has a tactile surface which produces touchable icons that provide audio feedback when they are pressed ... diagrams, charts and maps by producing a tactile, touchable image, and audio feedback ...
Polymodality - Pressure Modality - Description
... The sense of touch, or tactile perception, is what allows organisms to feel the world around them ... The environment acts as an external stimulus, and tactile perception is the act of passively exploring the world to simply sense it ... Tactile stimulation can be direct in the form of bodily contact, or indirect through the use of a tool or probe ...

More definitions of "tactile":

  • (adj): Producing a sensation of touch.
    Example: "Tactile qualities"
    Synonyms: tactual