• (noun): Coordinating by causing to indicate the same time.
    Synonyms: synchronization, synchronizing
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Lenticular Printing - Manufacturing Process - Defects - Printing Defects
... Colour synchronisation One of the main difficulties in lenticular printing is colour synchronisation ... Synchronisation of parallelism of the printing to the lenticules The origin of this problem is a fault in the printing and forcibly generates a phase ...
Einstein Synchronisation - Einstein
... This synchronisation convention sets clock 2 so that the time of signal reflection is ... The same synchronisation is achieved by "slowly" transporting a third clock from clock 1 to clock 2, in the limit of vanishing transport velocity ... many other thought experiments for clock synchronisation giving the same result ...
O3SIS - History
... O3SIS start roll out of its market leading mobile device Client strategy to enable Synchronisation and Push Mail on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and other smartphones 2007 O3SIS introduces Over-T ...
Einstein Synchronisation
... Einstein synchronisation (or Poincaré–Einstein synchronisation) is a convention for synchronising clocks at different places by means of signal exchanges ... This synchronisation method was used already by telegraphers in the middle 19th century, but was popularized by H ...

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