Synaptic may refer to:

  • Synapse, part of the nervous system
  • Synaptic (software), a Linux graphical package management program
  • Synaptics, a laptop touchpad manufacturer

Other articles related to "synaptic":

Synaptic Noise - Causes - Background Activity
... exocytosis of neurotransmitters from the synaptic terminals that provide input to a given neuron ... This unpredictability adds to the synaptic noise level ... Synaptic noise shows up as miniature postsynaptic current, which is observed without any presynaptic input ...
Synaptic Noise - In The Hippocampus
... The significance of synaptic noise has become clear through ongoing research of the brain, specifically the hippocampus ... These oscillations can be partially composed of synaptic currents or synaptic noise ... There is recent evidence that supports the role of synaptic noise in the signal functions within the hippocampus, and therefore in memories, whether solidifying or ...
Synaptic Noise - Current Research
... believed that by first understanding channel noise, one might be able to more fully understand synaptic noise ... This prerequisite need is proposed since both channel and synaptic noise limit the reliability of responsiveness to stimuli in neurons, as well as both ... To understand the future of synaptic noise research, it would be essential to discuss the work of Alain Destexhe, a Belgian doctor who has greatly studied the importance of ...
Synaptic Pharmacology
... Synaptic pharmacology is the study of drugs that act on the synapses ... Synaptic pharmacology Channel, Receptor, or Phenomenon Antagonist or Blocker adenosine DCPGX, ZM241385, anoxinine AMPA-R NBQX AMPA-R desensitization cyclothiazide (CTZ) cannabinoid AM-251 ...