Sympathetic Fibers

Some articles on sympathetic, sympathetic fibers:

Sympathetic Root Of Ciliary Ganglion
... The sympathetic root of ciliary ganglion is one of three roots of the ciliary ganglion, a tissue mass behind the eye ... It contains postganglionic sympathetic fibers whose cell bodies are located in the superior cervical ganglion ... Sympathetic fibers innervating the eye separate from the carotid plexus within the cavernous sinus ...
Long Ciliary Nerves
... In addition, they contain sympathetic fibers from the superior cervical ganglion to the dilator pupillæ muscle ... The sympathetic fibers to the dilator pupillae muscle mainly travel in the nasociliary nerve but there are also sympathetic fibers in the short ciliary nerves that pass through the ciliary ganglion without forming ...

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    It is a doctrine alike of the oldest and of the newest philosophy, that man is one, and that you cannot injure any member, without a sympathetic injury to all the members.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)