SXM may refer to:

As an abbreviation:

  • SXM (computational model), model for a Stream X-Machine
  • SXM (transactional memory), a software under development at Microsoft Research
  • Scanning X-ray Microscope (SXM), a chemical analysis method
  • Starbury SXM, a basketball shoe also called an SXM
  • SxM (album), a 1994 album by hip-hop band Sangue Misto
  • SxM (SAM, SCM, SEM, etc.), formats of scanning microscope image handled by Image SXM
  • sxmcode>, suffix of math files from StarOffice's StarMath (version 1–7)
  • sxm, suffix of math files from XML (version 1)

As a code:

  • Princess Juliana International Airport, Sint Maarten, island of Saint Martin, IATA code SXM
  • Sint Maarten, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code SXM
  • Sint Maarten national football team, FIFA code SXM
  • Servicios Aéreos Especializados Mexicanos, airline based in Mexico, ICAO code SXM

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Starbury - Products
... at $9.98 USD, and finally the "Starbury SXM," another basketball shoe listed at $9.98 ... leather texture to it similar to Bape's "Bape-sta" sneaker, the "SXM Trainer" the design is radically changed from the first "SXM" model, now a low-top cross-tr ...
SXM (transactional Memory)
... SXM is a software transactional memory system under development at Microsoft Research ... The SXM API is exposed via managed code and is used to synchronize access to shared memory without using locks ... SXM uses the Reflection and dynamic code generation capabilities of.NET Framework to emit CIL code to enable atomic transactions on shared data structures ...
Sangue Misto - Overview
... Their debut album SxM was released in 1994, obtaining great underground support and becoming a model of genuine hip hop music even today but, because of the distribution, the record had marketing problems ... In 2005, SxM was remastered and re-issued ...
The Stream X-Machine - Relationship To X-machines
... X-Machine, these are usually restricted to functions however the SXM is still only deterministic if (at most) one transition is enabled in each state ... Each processing function in a SXM is given the abbreviated type φSXM Mem × In → Out × Mem ...