Swati may refer to:

  • Swati language, Bantu language spoken in Swaziland and South Africa
  • A resident of Swat, Pakistan, or the former Swat (princely state).
  • Swati (Pashtun tribe), Pashtun tribe in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India
    • Riffat Akbar Swati
    • Sa'adat Khan Swati
    • Shah Miri dynasty, dynasty of Swati Pashtun origin which ruled Kashmir from 1339 to 1561
  • Swati the Star, star in ancient Sanskrit scriptures that corresponds to Arcturus
  • Swati (film), Indian film (1986)
  • Bharat Swati, an Indian two-seat training monoplane

As given name, it may also refer to:

  • Swati Dandekar (b. 1951), State Representative of Iowa, USA
  • Swati (b. 1973), American singer-songwriter, born Swati Sharma
  • Swati Kaushal, Indian writer
  • Swati Mia Saini, American financial journalist and video host
  • Swati Reddy, Indian TV host and actress

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