Swan River Colony

The Swan River Colony was a British settlement established in 1829 on the Swan River, in Western Australia. The name was a pars pro toto for Western Australia. In 1832, the colony was officially renamed Western Australia, when the colony's founding Lieutenant-Governor, Captain James Stirling, belatedly received his commission. However, the name "Swan River Colony" was used informally for many years afterwards.

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Swan River Colony - The Events of The Settlement
... Swan River Colony ship arrivals in 25 ... April HMS Challenger (Fremantle) 31 May Parmelia (Stirling) 6 June HMS Sulphur 5 August Calista 6 August ... its Captain Charles Fremantle declared the Swan River Colony for Britain on 2 May 1829 ... The first reports of the new colony arrived back in England in late January 1830 ...
Amity (brig) - Swan River Colony
... On 22 September 1829 the Amity arrived at Fremantle from Singapore with passengers and crew totalling 15 people ... She was the eighth shipping arrival in the fledgling Swan River Colony ...
Banksia Stuposa - Taxonomy
... in the 1830s by James Drummond from the vicinity of the Swan River Colony, and subsequently published by John Lindley in his 1840 A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River ... specify his type material, but most of A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River Colony is based upon the collections of Drummond, and one of Drummond's ...
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