Suture literally means "join". The term may refer to:

  • Surgical suture, a stitch used by doctors and surgeons to hold tissue together.
  • Suture (anatomy), a rigid joint between hard parts of animals
    • Ammonitic suture, the intersection of the septum with the outer shell in Ammonites
    • Facial suture (trilobite), divisions in the cephalon (head) of most trilobites, along which the exoskeleton splits during molting.
  • Suture (geology), a major fault through an orogen or mountain range

In the arts, Suture is the title of:

  • Suture (film), a 1993 film directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel
  • Suture (album), a 2000 album by American Industrial rock band Chemlab

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