Susannah - Main Roles and World-Premiere Cast

Main Roles and World-Premiere Cast

  • Susannah Polk - soprano (Phyllis Curtin)
  • Sam Polk - tenor (Walter James)
  • Olin Blitch - bass-baritone (Mack Harrell)
  • Little Bat McLean - tenor (Eb Thomas)
  • Elder McLean - baritone (Harrison Fisher)
  • Elder Gleaton - tenor (Kenneth Nelson)
  • Elder Hayes - tenor (Dayton Smith)
  • Elder Ott - baritone (Lee Liming)
  • Mrs. McLean - mezzo-soprano (Martha Kay Willis)
  • Mrs. Gleaton - soprano (Catherine Murphy (singer))
  • Mrs. Hayes - soprano (Joan Nichy)
  • Mrs. Ott - contralto (Bette Jo Armstrong)

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