Superintendent may refer to:

  • Superintendent (police), Superintendent of Police (SP), Senior Superintendent of Police or SSP - a police rank
  • Superintendent (prison) or Superintendent of Prison, Superintendent of Jail, Senior Superintendent of Jail - a rank in prisons - head of a district, central or special prison in India and Pakistan, etc.
  • Superintendent (ecclesiastical), a church executive performing the duties of a bishop
  • Superintendent (education), an education executive or administrator
  • Superintendent (politics), the elected head of each Provincial Council in New Zealand from 1853 to 1876
  • Superintendent (United States Air Force), a United States Air Force position
  • Superintendent (construction), a supervisor who is responsible for scheduling subcontractors on behalf of the general contractor
  • Building superintendent, a manager, maintenance or repair person, custodian or janitor, especially in the United States; sometimes shortened to "super"

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