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These characters have appeared in other media developed by Monolith Soft.

  • Reiji Arisu
    • Voice Actor: Kazuhiko Inoue
    • The male protagonist of Namco × Capcom, Reiji serves as an agent alongside with his partner Xiaomu for the Shinra organization on Earth. He fights with a fire-based katana "Karin", a lightning-enhanced wakizashi "Chirai", a revolver called "Gold" and a shotgun named "Hollywood", all placed in a customized, handheld weapon rack. He occasionally grows frustrated at Xiaomu's happy-go-lucky attitude and sometimes threatens to spank her if her teasing gets out of hand. He and Xiaomu had originally been tracking Saya after they were thrown into the Endless Frontier but were attacked by Haken and his group due to their clothes being similar to the ones worn by the Orchestral Army. After their scuffle the two teams quickly resolve their problems and band together because of their common goals. Despite being an original character, his BGM Arisu in the Flux City and his arrival here is similar to plot of Alice in Wonderland where Reiji and Xiaomu found themselves trapped inside a brand new land
  • Xiaomu
    • Voice Actress: Omi Minami
    • The female protagonist of Namco × Capcom, Xiaomu is a cheerful, flirtatious 765 year-old "Sage Fox" assisting Reiji in his agent duties, because of her age she is sometimes called old. She also fights with handguns ("Silver" and "Platinum"), but carries an ice-based, elemental cane sword called the "Suiren" and can perform assorted magic as well as being able to team up with Reiji to unleash a series of double attacks.
    • Voice Actress: Mariko Suzuki
    • KOS-MOS is one of the major characters in the Xenosaga series. Her design for this game is based on her Version 4 character design from Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra. Her pod was transported to the Endless Frontier shortly before her final checks before her official activation, and was accidentally awakened when the team stumbled upon her pod. After activating she joins Haken and his team, both to hunt down T-elos and find a way to return to the future. She is generally reserved and calm in most situations as well as being able to manifest a variety of different weapons from her body, including Machine Guns, Pistols and Energy Swords. After defeating the Einst, KOS-MOS, Reiji, and Xiamou are presumably warped back to their worlds.

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