Super Monkey Ball Adventure - Plot


On Jungle Island, Aiai meets Prince AbeABE of Monkitropolis and Princess DeeDee of the second proportion of Monkitropolis, the underwater city of Kongri-la. As written by IGN, the rest of the storyline is as follows:

"It's a tale of forbidden monkey love. Two monkeys have fallen in love but their royal families are not on the best of terms and are keeping the two love monkeys apart. The resulting bad mojo has cast a dark cloud over the monkey world and it's your job to bring light and happiness back, and find a way to unite the star-crossed monkey lovers."

Here, before Aiai has completed quests by monkeys around Kongri-la and Monkitropolis, The two cities both blame each other for their problems in their cities. This causes the monkeys to be rivals, including the parents of the Prince and Princess. Since the parents are in different cities, the rivalry between the parents causes both Prince Abeabe and Princess Deedee to be apart. Aiai has to complete different tasks to make both areas happy again and not to blame each other for their problems.

After Aiai successfully does all the quests, Aiai must complete the rest of the quests at Jungle Island to set up the wedding of the Prince and Princess, so the King can pronounce them as married.

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