Sun Crusher

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Champions Of The Force - Summary
... Kyp Durron continued his rampage to destroy the Galactic Empire with the Sun Crusher to avenge his brother (whom he inadvertently kills when he destroys Carida) ... Kyp takes the Sun Crusher into the Maw to destroy it ... Before they could go far, Kyp crashes his ship, the Sun Crusher into the prototype and hauls both ships into a black hole ...
The Jedi Academy Trilogy - List of Characters - Admiral Natasi Daala
... and protecting the Maw Installation, birthplace of the Death Star, World Devastators and the Sun Crusher ... by ramming it with their vehicle, the Sun Crusher this loss greatly decreases her firepower ... Daala's final mission is foiled when Kyp Durron (now a Sith apprentice to Exar Kun) using the Sun Crusher, causes the Cauldron Nebula, which two of her ships, the Basilisk and the Gorgon ...
List Of Star Wars Superweapons - Sun Crusher
... The Sun Crusher appears in the Jedi Academy Trilogy by Kevin J ... within the Maw and overseen by Admiral Daala, the Sun Crusher is about the size of a small starfighter that has a nearly indestructible hull made of quantum-crystalline armor ... The Sun Crusher is destroyed when Kyp Durron flies it into a black hole ...

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