Sulcus (plural sulci) may refer to:

  • Sulcus (morphology), a groove, crevice or furrow in medicine, botany, and zoology
  • Sulcus (neuroanatomy), a crevice on the surface of the brain
  • Sulcus (geology), a long parallel groove on a planet or a moon
Latin binomial abbreviations for species
  • P. sulcus

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List Of Geological Features On Ganymede - Sulci
... Diameter Year named Namesake Akitu Sulcus 38.9N 194.3W 365.0 1997 Where Marduk's statue was carried each year ... Anshar Sulcus 18.0N 197.9W 1,372.0 1979 Assyro-Babylonian celestial-world home of Lakhmu and Lakhamu ... Aquarius Sulcus 52.4N 3.9W 1,420.0 1979 Greek Zeus set Ganymede among the stars as the constellation of Aquarius, the water carrier ...
Malleolar Sulcus
... The medial malleolar sulcus is the posto-inferior groove just lateral to the medial malleolus on the distal part of the tibia ... The lateral malleolar sulcus is the posto-inferior groove on the distal part of the fibula ...
List Of Quadrangles On Ganymede
... Regio Galileo Regio Jg3 21-66° N 90-180° W Galileo Regio Philus Sulcus Jg4 21-66° N 180-270° W Philus Sulcus Nun Sulci Jg5 21-66° N 270-360° W Nun Sulci Dardanus Sulcus Jg6 22° N-2 ...
Sulcus Lunatus
... The Sulcus Lunatus is an inconsistent and small semilunar groove on the occipital lobe of the cerebral cortex ... is considered homologous with the major sulcus of the same name that is more constant in monkeys and apes ...