Subdivision Surface

A subdivision surface, in the field of 3D computer graphics, is a method of representing a smooth surface via the specification of a coarser piecewise linear polygon mesh. The smooth surface can be calculated from the coarse mesh as the limit of a recursive process of subdividing each polygonal face into smaller faces that better approximate the smooth surface.

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Doo–Sabin Subdivision Surface
... In computer graphics, Doo–Sabin subdivision surface is a type of subdivision surface based on a generalization of bi-quadratic uniform B-splines ... A primary characteristic of the Doo–Sabin subdivision method is the creation of four faces around every vertex ...
List Of Numerical Analysis Topics - Interpolation and Approximation - Other Interpolants
... functions as activation functions Hierarchical RBF Subdivision surface — constructed by recursively subdividing a piecewise linear interpolant Catmull–Clar ...
Editing A Subdivision Surface
... Subdivision surfaces can be naturally edited at different levels of subdivision ... the coarse mesh to create the basic shape, then edit the offsets for the next subdivision step, then repeat this at finer and finer levels ... You can always see how your edit effect the limit surface via GPU evaluation of the surface ...

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