Stunticons - Transformers: Generation 1 - Members


  • Menasor
The combined form of the group of five Decepticons known as the Stunticons.
He is immensely powerful, capable of delivering a punch with the force of 140 tons.
He uses Motormaster's cyclone gun to blow through Autobot barriers and carries a silver ionizer sword with a charge of 50,000 volts.
However, owing to the massively conflicting personalities of his component parts - and even more significantly the hatred Breakdown, Drag Strip, Wildrider and Dead End have for their leader Motormaster - he is the most unstable of the Gestalt Transformers.
He would be the ultimate Decepticon weapon were it not for the conflict within him.
  • Motormaster
The team leader.
He transforms into a Kenworth K100 Aerodyne sleeper tractor-trailer.
He forms the torso and thighs of Menasor.
He frequently uses his bulk and strength to crash into other vehicles and even buildings.
He seeks to destroy Optimus Prime in order to claim the title "King of the Road".
However, he seems to be at a disadvantage considering one confrontation ended with himself and Optimus Prime ramming each other head on in vehicle mode and the Decepticon was severely damaged while the Autobot came out unscathed.
He is hated and feared by the other Stunticons.
Voiced by Roger C. Carmel.
  • Drag Strip
He transforms in to a 1976 Tyrrell P34 Formula One car.
He forms the right arm of Menasor.
Obsessed with competition, will not hesitate to cheat in order to win.
Voiced by Ron Gans.
  • Dead End
He transforms into a Porsche 928 car.
He forms the left arm of Menasor.
He is a pessimist and a fatalist who sees little point in continuing the Autobot-Decepticon war, as everyone is going to die anyway.
Voiced by Philip L. Clarke.
  • Breakdown
He transforms into a mid-1980s Lamborghini Countach, car.
He forms the right lower leg of Menasor.
He is a paranoid robot who thinks everybody—even inanimate Earth cars—is staring at him.
His vibrations from his engine can cause mechanical breakdowns in nearby vehicles.
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.
  • Wildrider
He transforms into a 1970s Ferrari 308 GTB car.
He forms the left lower leg of Menasor.
He is a reckless driver who intentionally pays no attention to traffic laws or road safety.
His principal fear is quiet.
Voiced by Terence McGovern.

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