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Ghost Shadows - Members - Robin Chee
... Chee has been publicly identified as being a leader of the Ghost Shadows street gang, which is headquartered in the New York City area ... The Ghost Shadows street gang has been found to have engaged in such activities as drug trafficking, extortion and robbery ... In addition, the Ghost Shadows street gang allegedly is affiliated with the On Leong Chinese Merchants Association which, although legitimate in part, has been found by authorities to be a significant ...
Thomas Kinney
... members of the infamous Egan's Rats gang ... Despite his slender build and outgoing nature, Kinney was known as a tough street fighter ... He and his family lived on Collins Street, across from the Egan family ...
Batavia Street Gang - Further Reading
... The Gangs of New York ... Inactive Camorra in New York East Harlem Purple Gang Five Points Gang South Brooklyn Boys The Tanglewood Boys Irish organized crime Active Westies Inactive 19th Street Gang 40 Thieves Bowe ... Black Hand Russian Mafia Inactive Evsei Agron's Bratva Marat Balagula's Bratva Potato Bag Gang Eastern Europe groups Velentzas crime family (Greek) The Greenpoint Crew (Polish) Rudaj Organization (Albanian ...
Rumble In The Bronx - Plot
... Later that night, a street gang starts a motorcycle race near Uncle Bill's apartment ... He soon starts a rivalry with the street gang when he drives them away from the supermarket that they were robbing and vandalizing ... When a member of the street gang named Angelo (Garvin Cross) gets involved in an illegal diamond deal gone bad and steals the diamonds, the small-time gangsters become the victims of a ...
Alphonso Sgroia
... also known as "The Butcher" (July 19, 1886 - May 10, 1940) was a New York gang member who became a hitman for the Neapolitan Camorra gang ... Sgroia opened a butcher shop and lived with his brother Biagio on 117th Street in Manhattan ... At some point, Sgroia became an enforcer for the Navy Street gang, a street gang in Brooklyn associated with the Camorra criminal organization ...

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    What lies behind facts like these: that so recently one could not have said Scott was not perfect without earning at least sorrowful disapproval; that a year after the Gang of Four were perfect, they were villains; that in the fifties in the United States a nothing-man called McCarthy was able to intimidate and terrorise sane and sensible people, but that in the sixties young people summoned before similar committees simply laughed.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    Down in the street there are ice-cream parlors to go to
    And the pavement is a nice, bluish slate-gray. People laugh a lot.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)