Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams, known as Street Fighter Zero (ストリートファイター ZERO?) in Japan, Asia, South America, and Australia, is a 1995 fighting game by Capcom originally released for the arcade for the CPS II hardware. It was the first all new Street Fighter game produced by Capcom since the release of Street Fighter II in 1991. The game introduces several new features, expanding on the Super Combo system previously featured in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, with graphics drawn in the same animated style Capcom employed in Darkstalkers and X-Men: Children of the Atom. The plot of Street Fighter Alpha is set after the original Street Fighter but before Street Fighter II and thus the game features younger versions of established characters, as well as characters from the original Street Fighter and Final Fight, and a few who are new to the series. The working title for the game was Street Fighter Legends.

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... A manga adaptation based on the original Alpha and Alpha 2 by Masahiko Nakahira was published in Gamest game from 1995 to 1996 and later adapted into ... different animated adaptations were also produced Street Fighter Alpha The Animation in 1999 and Street Fighter Alpha Generations in 2005 ...
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... For example, most Street Fighter fans described the chain combo system of Street Fighter Alpha as being discontinued in Street Fighter Alpha 2, even though Street ...
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... Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, released in Japan as Street Fighter Zero Fighters' Generation, is a 2006 fighting game compilation that collects the Street Fighter Alpha ... a remixed version of the console-exclusive Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (previously released on the PlayStation as Pocket ...
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... This compilation contains on the first disc Super Street Fighter II Super Street Fighter II Turbo (in Japan named Super Street Fighter II X) on the second disc Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (in ... After selecting either game from the Street Fighter Collection title screen on the first disc, the player is taken to the attract mode from the game they have selected ... In Super Turbo, the Super Street Fighter II versions of the returning characters, as well as the hidden character Akuma, are playable through easier means compared to the ...
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... Introduced in Nakahira's Street Fighter Alpha Vol. 2, Sakura becomes obsessed with the world of street fighting as well as becoming Ryu's self-proclaimed "No ... with playing video games and is seen playing Final Fight and Street Fighter II (against none other than Ken Masters himself) in the story ...

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