Streamline may refer to:

  • Streamlines, streaklines, and pathlines, in fluid flows
  • Streamline Airlines
    • Streamliner, any vehicle shaped to be less resistant to air
  • Streamline (swimming), the position a swimmer takes underwater after pushing off a pool wall
  • Adobe Streamline, a discontinued line tracing program made by Adobe Systems
  • Streamline Cars Ltd, the company responsible for making the Burney car
  • Streamline Distributed Debugging Tool, a debugger produced by Allinea primarily for debugging parallel programs
  • Streamline Moderne, an architectural style related to Art Deco
  • Streamline Pictures, an American distribution company best known for distributing English dubbed Japanese animation
  • Streamline Studios, an independent Dutch outsourcing and game developing studio
  • Hal Roach's Streamliners, a series of short films made in the 1940s
  • Streamline (comics), a fictional super-hero character

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Other articles related to "streamline":

Streamline (swimming)
... Streamline form is a swimming technique that is used underwater in every stroke ... At the start of a race or on a turn, streamline form is used, usually along with a dolphin kick or flutter kick, to create the least amount of resistance to help the swimmer propel as far as they can ... Many factors contribute to the perfect streamline form and mastering this method increases a swimmer’s speed ...
Wicked City (film)
... Japan Home Video (JHV) and received a western release dubbed by Streamline Pictures under the name Wicked City on August 20, 1993 ... After Streamline Pictures lost the distribution rights, it was licensed and distributed by Urban Vision ... Both the Streamline and Manga UK dubs were released in Australia, with the Manga UK dub being released on VHS in 1994 ...
Adobe Streamline
... Adobe Streamline is a discontinued line tracing program developed and published by Adobe Systems ... Streamline is similar in function to competitors, such as Corel Trace, but was advertised as a standalone rather than an additional utility within a full drawing suite ... Streamline was discontinued after Adobe Illustrator CS2 introduced a new tracing tool entitled Live Trace, which provides fast tracing, fine control, as well as a "live link" to the bitmap being traced ...
Streamline Moderne Architecture - Characteristics
... Common characteristics of Streamline Moderne and Art Moderne Horizontal orientation Rounded edges, corner windows Glass brick walls Porthole windows Chrome ... Although Streamline Moderne houses are less common than streamline commercial buildings, residences do exist ... The Lydecker House in Los Angeles, built by Howard Lydecker, is an example of Streamline Moderne design in residential architecture ...