Stratos may refer to:

  • Stratos, Greece, a municipality in Greece
  • Stratos, a chocolate bar brand by Nidar
  • Oric Stratos
  • Red Bull Stratos, a high-altitude skydiving mission

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Demetrio Stratos
22, 1945 – June 13, 1979) better known as Demetrio Stratos was a Greek-born Italian lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, music researcher, and co-founder, frontman and lead singer of the ... In 1967, Demetrio Stratos joined the Italian beat band I Ribelli, and in 1972, founded Area ... Stratos recorded many records, and toured festivals in Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cuba, U.S ...
Stratos Boats
... Stratos Boats, Inc ... Stratos began building boats in 1984, and sells throughout a network of dealers throughout the United States, Australia, France, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Romania ... Stratos is partnered with high profile professional anglers such as Skeet Reese, Larry Nixon, and Mike McClelland to help promote enthusiasm, excitement and overall benefits of ...
Demetrio Stratos - Biography - Death and Legacy 1979–present
... In January 1979, Stratos recorded Le Milleuna, a one hour interpretation with lyrics written by Nanni Balestrini, with the mimic interpretation and action performed by Valeria Mallets ... Stratos planned the show "Rock' n' roll Exhibition" with Paolo Tofani and Mauro Pagani in order to bring back to the light the great musicians of the `50s rock and roll ... Poetry") directed by Claude Royet-Journoud, Stratos had a long interview with Daniel Charles, where he performed many vocal sequences and provided explanations ...
Demetrio Stratos - Phonetics Research Studies - The Ritual Value of The Voice
... Stratos refers to the aulos, the double-reeded flute used during the old rites in the ancient Greece it produces two sounds and it is able to keep persons in a ... So, the Stratos' voice-music is a sort of lay rite that produces to the listeners the ability to reach their primordial origin ... “The Stratos' flute-voice plays a circular theme, a modal inspiration that brings us filler to an experience of communion, ritual interaction and sacrifices ...