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Strangers (thirtysomething)
... List of Thirtysomething episodes "Strangers" is a 1989 episode of the television series Thirtysomething ... "Strangers" was the sixth episode of season three and originally aired on ABC on November 7, 1989 ... "Strangers" generated a great deal of controversy because it depicted two men, Russell and Peter, in bed together following their having sex ...
List Of The Night Angel Trilogy Characters - Antagonists - The Strangers
... The Strangers are a race of supernatural creatures from another plane of existence that allied with the original Godking of Khalidor Roygaris Ursuul, giving him access to ... corpses to inhabit- with the most powerful and high-ranked Stranger ever summoned, a Titan, requiring and leading 4,826,809 sacrifices / krul ... In order, the hierarchy of the Strangers is Krul, Daemons (White Krul), Bone Lords, Fiends, Archanghuls and Night Lords, with Titans possibly more than a ...
Strangers - See Also
... a British television science fiction comedy drama serial Strangers on a Train (film) The Stranger (disambiguation) Strange (disambiguation) ...
Consequential Strangers
... Consequential strangers are personal connections other than family and close friends ... Also known as "peripheral" or "weak" ties, they lie in the broad social territory between strangers and intimates (see Definition below) ... broader social landscape suggests that consequential strangers provide many of the same benefits as intimates as well as many distinct and complementary functions ...
Strangers (2007 Film) - Other Uses
... Strangers (Parliament of the United Kingdom), people in the Houses of Parliament who are not Members of Parliament or officials Elizabethan Strangers or Strangers, a name applied to French ...

Famous quotes containing the word strangers:

    Can they never tell
    What is dragging them back, and how it will end? Not at night?
    Not when the strangers come? Never, throughout
    The whole hideous inverted childhood? Well,
    We shall find out.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Anyone who has invented a better mousetrap, or the contemporary equivalent, can expect to be harassed by strangers demanding that you read their unpublished manuscripts or undergo the humiliation of public speaking, usually on remote Midwestern campuses.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    Our eyes
    Are armed, but we are strangers to the stars,
    And strangers to the mystic beast and bird,
    And strangers to the plant and to the mine.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)