Strain may refer to:

  • Strain (biology), variants of plants, viruses or bacteria; or an inbred animal used for experimental purposes
  • Strain (chemistry), a chemical stress of a molecule
  • Deformation (mechanics), a geometrical measure of deformation representing the relative displacement between particles in a material body
  • Strain (injury), an injury to a muscle in which the muscle fibers tear as a result of overstretching
  • Strain (manga),a 1996 manga written by Yoshiyuki Okamura, and illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami
  • Strain (music), a series of musical phrases that create a distinct melody of a piece
  • Strain (album), a 2004 album by Flesh Field
  • Strain, Arkansas

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Salvia Divinorum - Botany - Strains
... There are two commonly cultivated strains which are known to be distinct ... One is the strain that was collected in 1962 by ecologist and psychologist Sterling Bunnell (the Bunnell strain), colloquially mis-attributed as the Wasson-Hofmann ... de Jiménez in 1991 by anthropologist Bret Blosser (the Blosser or Palatable strain) ...
Strain Encoding MRI
... Strain Encoding (SENC) in Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique developed by Nael Osman's group at Johns Hopkins University for imaging the strain ...
Lysobacter - Mechanisms of Antagonism
... enzymogenes strain C3 is unique in that it expresses a wide range of mechanisms contributing to microbial antagonism and biological control that are not shared by all ... The strain produces numerous extracellular enzymes that contribute to biocontrol activity, including multiple forms of β-1,3-glucanases and chitinases ... The strain also has been demonstrated to induce systemic resistance in certain plants, protecting them from pathogen infection ...
Lysobacter Genetics
... enzymogenes strain C3 is a genetically tractable strain allowing for easy construction of gene knockouts, supporting its use as a model genetic system for unraveling the molecular basis of pathogenicity, as well as ... Indeed, a number of derivative strains of L ... enzymogenes strain C3 already have been constructed, including mutants affected in structural genes encoding enzyme activities, the regulatory clp gene and various combinations thereof ...

Famous quotes containing the word strain:

    The real stumbling-block of totalitarian régimes is not the spiritual need of men for freedom of thought; it is men’s inability to stand the physical and nervous strain of a permanent state of excitement, except during a few years of their youth.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)

    You always strain tuh be de bell cow, never be de tail uh nothin’.
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)