Storylines of Shortland Street (2010) - Highlights of The Year

Highlights of The Year

  • Gerald, Hunter and Nicole discover the lifeless body of Morgan the night after the Christmas party.
  • Kieran and Sophie's big wedding gets interrupted by Kieran's ex-fiancee Libby Jeffries who has evidence that Kieran killed Morgan.
  • Hunter gives a drug addict some clean needles and her friend stabs him with a used needle, possibly infecting him with HIV.
  • Kieran starts to get blackmailed by an unknown source, it is eventually revealed as his new waitress Jane.
  • After a fight at the supermarket, Hunter is stabbed and Ben is knocked out. It turns out Ben developed a brain hemorrhage and eventually is declared brain dead after surgery.
  • Kieran, Sean, Nicole and Gerald are pursued by Thai thugs from Kierans past. Eventually they end up on a cliffside, with Kieran sacrificing his own life to save Gerald's and his brother's.
  • After weeks of poisoning Scotty, Penny Rourke kidnaps him and holds him hostage. She shoots him and escapes.
  • After the apartment they are in catches alight, Callum jumps onto the passed-out lovers, Chris and Rachel, protecting them from another huge explosion as the year ends.

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