Stony Meteorites

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Meteorite Types - Traditional Classification Scheme
... Meteorites are often divided into three overall categories based on whether they are dominantly composed of rocky material (stony meteorites), metallic material (iron meteorites ... In fact, the term "stony iron" is a misnomer as currently used ... of chondrites (CB) has over 50% metal by volume and contains meteorites that were called stony irons until their affinities with chondrites were recognized ...
Lead-lead Dating - The Formation of The Geochron
... Cameron Patterson’s application of Pb-Pb dating on meteorites in 1956 ... The Pb ratios of three stony and two iron meteorites were measured ... The dating of meteorites would then help Patterson in determining not only the age of these meteorites but also the age of Earth’s formation ...
Iron Meteorites - Occurrence
... While they are fairly rare compared to the stony meteorites, comprising about 5.7% of witnessed falls, they have historically been heavily over-represented in meteorite ... as unusual even by laymen, as opposed to stony meteorites ... Modern-day searches for meteorites in deserts and Antarctica yield a much more representative sample of meteorites overall ...

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