STJ can refer to:

  • St. John's International School, Waterloo, Belgium
  • St. John's University (New York)
  • Superconducting tunnel junction
  • Severn Tunnel Junction railway station, Wales; National Rail station code STJ.
  • Superior Tribunal de Justiça,the main court in Brazil.
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a U.S. congresswoman.

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Contents - Stjórn III
... Stjórn III covers the Biblical text from Joshua to the end of II Kings, although it uses information from the books of Chronicles to augment the text ... The text closely follows the Vulgate text with omission and summary like Stjórn II, but unlike that section makes considerable use of extra-Biblical material, though not to ... The relationship between Stjórn III and Konungs Skuggsjá has been noted since 1818 ...
Stjórn - History
... The preface to Stjórn records that king Hákon Magnússon of Norway commissioned a compilation of Biblical material to be read aloud for the benefit of those at his court who could not ... However, this can apply only to Stjórn I, as the others do not display the wide ranging compilation of sources evidenced in Stjórn I ... Nothing certain is known of the history of the Stjórn translations before 1670 ...
... Stjórn is the name given to a collection of Old Norse translations of Old Testament historical material dating from the 14th century, which together cover Jewish history from ... Despite the collective title, Stjórn is not a homogenous work ... which vary in date and context, labelled Stjórn I, II and III by Kirby ...