Stewart's or Stewarts can refer to:

  • Stewart's Fountain Classics, brand of soft drink
    • Stewart's Restaurants, chain of restaurants where the soft drink was originally sold
  • Stewart's Wilt, bacterial disease affecting maize
  • Stewart's (department store), defunct Baltimore, Maryland-based chain of department stores
  • Stewart Dry Goods, defunct Louisville, Kentucky-based chain of department stores
  • A.T. Stewart and Company, Alexander Turney Stewart's New York City department store
  • Stewarts Supermarket Limited, former chain of supermarkets in Northern Ireland
  • Stewart's Shops, chain of convenience stores in upstate New York
  • Stewart's theorem in trigonometry

Famous quotes containing the word stewart:

    I’ve never heard of Timothy Leary before, but I want to get into advertising, so I liked when he talked about how whoever controls your eyeballs controls your mind.
    —Amy Stewart (b. 1975)

    Word’s gane to the kitchen,
    And word’s gane to the ha’,
    That Marie Hamilton gangs wi’ bairn
    To the hichest Stewart of a’.
    Unknown. Mary Hamilton (l. 1–4)