Steve Cartwright

Steve Cartwright is an American computer and video game designer. He is best known as one of the original Activision game designers credited with such hits as Barnstorming, Megamania, Seaquest and Hacker. After an 8-year run at Electronic Arts (EA) where Cartwright designed and produced the Tiger Woods products as well as EA's first on-line sports site, he later designed, produced, or otherwise developed products accounting for up to 70% of revenue for Glu Mobile More recently, he directed the development of Zoo World 2 for Rockyou.

Among his many accomplishments, Cartwright is credited with the following video game milestones:

  • Directed / patented first use of mouse-over to collect on-screen rewards (Zoo World 2)
  • Designed / developed first political boxing game (Bush vs. Kerry Boxing)
  • Designed / produced first PGA TOUR Tiger Woods Golf
  • Designed / produced EA's first casual sports game (CyberTiger - precursor to EA Big)
  • Designed / produced EA's first multi-player sports game (PGA TOUR Pro)
  • Designed / produced first use of an in-game aiming trajectory guide (PGA TOUR 486)
  • Designed / developed first game game using actors against a blue screen (Lost in LA)
  • Designed / developed first sports game to use a true TV perspective (Fast Break)
  • Designed / developed first game using movie dialog & cut scenes (Aliens)
  • Designed / developed first stealth game (Hacker II)
  • Designed / developed first story-driven graphic action/adventure (Hacker)
  • Conceived first video game sequel (Pitfall II)

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