• (adj): Made infertile.
    Synonyms: sterilised
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Deaf People In Hitler's Europe - Summary
... The Nazis sterilized people with disabilities such as mental illness, retardation, blindness, and deaf people. 375,000 people were sterilized by force and an estimated 17,000 of the people sterilized were deaf ...
Leilani Muir - The Case
... tests, a doctor informed Muir that she had been intentionally sterilized and the procedure was irreversible ... intelligence and should never have been sterilized or placed in the Provincial Training School for Mental Defectives, she sought legal counsel to sue ... Veit proclaimed In 1959, the province wrongfully surgically sterilized Ms ...
Nazi Human Experimentation - Experiments - Sterilization Experiments
... citizens between the age of 17 to 24 had been sterilized within 2 years of the law passing ... Within 4 years, 300,000 patients had been sterilized ... Thousands of victims were sterilized ...
Poe V. Lynchburg Training School And Hospital
... Va 1981) concerned whether or not patients who had been involuntarily sterilized in a state mental institution in Virginia as part of a program of eugenics in the early and ... Freedom Project on behalf of 8,000 women who had been sterilized under the program ... did not notify or provide subsequent medical services to the sterilized individuals was found to merit further consideration by the court ...
Pediatric Spaying - Results of Studies and Post-operative Investigations
... have found no significant difference in weight between cats and dogs sterilized between 6 and 14 weeks of age and those sterilized at an older age ... Limbs of animals sterilized at a younger age tended to continue grow for a longer period of time than those of animals sterilized later (or not at all) resulting in slightly taller individuals ... There is a higher occurrence (by 2 percentage points) of dogs sterilized at an early age with hip dysplasia however, these dogs are three times less likely to be euthanized for the condition than dogs altered at ...

More definitions of "sterilized":

  • (adj): Made free from live bacteria or other microorganisms.
    Example: "Sterilized instruments"
    Synonyms: antiseptic, sterilised