Sterilization can refer to:

  • Sterilization (microbiology), the elimination of microbiological organisms to achieve asepsis, a sterile microbial environment
  • Sterilization (medicine), a medical technique that intentionally leaves a person unable to reproduce
  • Animal sterilization, known as neutering
  • Soil steam sterilization, a farming technique that sterilizes soil with steam in open fields or greenhouses
  • Sterilization (economics), a term referring to central bank operations aimed at neutralizing foreign exchange operations' impact on domestic money supply and to generally offset potentially adverse consequences of large capital flows

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... is used in microbiology laboratories and similar environments for sterilization ... may be used for antimicrobial cleaning even to the levels of sterilization ...
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... eugenics projects further decimated the Abenaki people of America through forced sterilization and questionable 'miscarriages' at birth ... eradicated, in the early 20th century, through forced sterilization and pregnancy termination policies in Vermont ... There were over 3,400 reported cases of sterilization of Abenaki having been performed, many of which involved termination of an unborn fetus ...
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... many influential citizens and interest groups campaigned for segregation and sterilization of the feebleminded ... articles in popular magazines and spoke at public meetings in support of sterilization ... President in 1934, was an outspoken supporter of eugenic sterilization ...