Stenka Class Patrol Boat - Sensors


To search for air and surface contacts with a 205P project is MR-102 - (NATO: "Pot Drum") or a "positive" - Radar (NATO: "Peel Cone") provided that are installed on the mast. Including two antennas on the mast of the system to be friend or foe identification attached, which NATO described as "High Pole B".

For directing the fire of two guns AK-230-Towers is a fire control radar of the type MR-104, which was christened by NATO 'Drum Tilt ", mounted on the rear of the building.

The search for submarines, the ships with an MG-345 "Bronza" system fitted, which consists of a submersible sonar -type MG-329 "Sheksna" as well as the corvettes of Project 133.1 bear, and a MG-11-"Tamir-11" sonar sensor composed of the fuselage.

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