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Political Positions Of Christopher Dodd - Domestic Policy - Stem-cell Research
... Senator Dodd voted for expanded embryonic stem-cell research in June 2004 and against banning human cloning in February 1998 ... Dodd, with nearly all Senate Democrats, voted for Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (2005) ... Dodd was absent during voting on Stem Cell Research Act in 2007, but supported this legislation as he did in 2006 ...
Catholic Doctrine Regarding The Ten Commandments - Fifth Commandment - Abortion - Use of Embryos For Research or Fertilization
... The United States Catechism for Adults devotes a section to in vitro fertilization, stem-cell research and cloning in its explanation of the fifth commandment ... Embryonic stem cell research is called "an immoral means to a good end" and "morally unacceptable." Citing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's ...
Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act - Legislative History
... introduced Sponsor(s) # of cosponsors Latest status 111th Congress Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2009 H.R. 110th Congress Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007 H.R. 109th Congress Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 H.R ...
Michigan State Proposal – 08-2 (2008)
... Constitution to remove restrictions on stem cell research in Michigan while maintaining the ban on human cloning ... amendment would Expand use of human embryos for any research permitted under federal law subject to the following limits the embryos — are created for fertility treatment ... Provide that stem cells cannot be taken from human embryos more than 14 days after cell division begins ...
United States Senate Election In Missouri, 2006 - Factors - November Ballot Propositions - Embryonic Stem Cell Research
... had supported federal legislation that would ban stem cell research ... withdrew his support for the bill, citing the need to balance research and protection against human cloning ... Claire McCaskill, as well as pressure from Missouri business interests that oppose restrictions on stem cell research ...

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    I did my research and decided I just had to live it.
    Karina O’Malley, U.S. sociologist and educator. As quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, p. A5 (September 16, 1992)

    The lotus’ stem is as long as the depth of water,
    So men’s height is just as great as their inner strength.
    Tiruvalluvar (c. 5th century A.D.)

    Why inspire in us a horror of our being?... To look upon the universe as a prison cell and all men as criminals about to be executed is the idea of a fanatic.
    Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694–1778)