• (adj): Occurring or extending throughout a state.
    Example: "The statewide recycling program"

Some articles on statewide:

Libertarian Party Of Louisiana - Ballot Access
... Secretary of State or B) achieve at least 5% of the total votes in any statewide election ... To retain ballot access, a party must maintain at least 1,000 registrants and field a statewide candidate at least once every four years if choosing option A, or repeat the 5% or better vote total ... A and has maintained that status and has fielded statewide candidates every year since ...
List of State Networks - Commercial
... KAKEland Television Network - statewide simulcast on three stations in Kansas, plus two repeaters ... Kansas Broadcasting System - statewide simulcast on four stations ... Kansas State Network (KSN) - statewide simulcast on four stations as explained above plus one repeater in Salina ...