State Transitions

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Computability - Formal Models of Computation
... unlike Turing machines, P′′ does not need to maintain a distinct state, because all “memory-like” functionality can be provided only by the tape ... Turing machine Also similar to the finite state machine, except that the input is provided on an execution "tape", which the Turing machine can read from, write to, or move back ... Deterministic finite automaton(DFA) Also called a finite state machine ...
Vulnerability (computing) - Definitions
... security policy The Committee on National Security Systems of United States of America defined vulnerability in CNSS Instruction No ... vulnerability A computer system is composed of states describing the current configuration of the entities that make up the computer system ... The system computes through the application of state transitions that change the state of the system ...

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    Romance reading and writing might be seen ... as a collectively elaborated female ritual through which women explore the consequences of their common social condition as the appendages of men and attempt to imagine a more perfect state where all the needs they so intensely feel and accept as given would be adequately addressed.
    Janice A. Radway (b. 1949)