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Christopher G. Donovan - Career - Labor, Minimum Wage, State Budget
... out of committee bills that raised the state’s minimum wage (HB 5160) ... the first standard wage for service workers across the state ... PA 99-142 Other bills he helped pass include balancing the state budget and eliminating a $10 billion deficit (HB 6802) stem cell research (SB 934) creating green technology jobs (SB ...
Sara Gagliardi - Legislative Career - 2010 Legislative Session
... Tasked with cutting the state's poverty rate in half in a decade, the committee's recommendations focused on providing social services that end ... jobs legislation, alternative education and apprenticeships, the national economy, the state budget, education policy, and energy policy ... Working on the state's budget consumed much of the 2010 legislative session for most members ...
California Legislative Analyst's Office
... and programmatic expertise and nonpartisan analysis of the state budget ... The LAO was the first such institution in the United States that was designed to help both houses of a legislature manage the state budget in a strictly nonpartisan fashion it inspired the creation ... of services and does not focus primarily on the budget ...
Ministry Of Finance (Soviet Union) - Duties and Responsibilities
... During the formation of the Soviet state, in the late 1910s and early 1920s, the People's Commissariat for Finance of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) was created ... of Finance prepares the draft of the USSR State Budget and bears responsibility for the fulfilment of the USSR State Budget, both for receipts and for expenditures " ... This is also a common feature in the United States Department of Treasury, although the Soviet's regulations differ in being of a highly centralised manner that the US one does not ...
Dandenong Railway Line Triplication - Scope and Aims of The Project
... The 2007-08 State Budget allocated $37 million of its $362 million train package for the first stage of the project, which funded construction work at Cranbourne station of stabling, a station upgrade ... The 2008-09 State Budget allocated $153 million for the Westall project, claiming it would allow "short starter trains" to start and finish their journeys at ... Annells, chairman of Connex Melbourne, which was at that time franchised by the State Government to operate suburban passenger rail services in Melbourne ...

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