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Tōshō Daimos - Characters - Baam People
... Appearance Episodes 5, 17 Filipino English dubbed name King Leon Olban The personal adviser of Emperor Leon ... Appearance Episodes 1, 5, 34-44 Filipino English dubbed name Olvan Starbirds dubbed name Olban Georiya Olban's right hand man ... Appearance Episodes 5, 34-42 Filipino English dubbed name Grovil Richter A disgruntled admiral and prince who has hatred for all Earthlings because of his father’s death ...
Tōshō Daimos - Characters - Earthlings
... Filipino English dubbed name Richard Hartford Starbirds dubbed name Kelly Hunter French dubbed name Kazuya Ryūzaki Italian dubbed name Kazuya Ryūzaki Kyōshirō Yūzuki Kazuya’s friend with a dark brown Afro ... Filipino English dubbed name Edward Kramer Starbirds dubbed name Duncan French dubbed name Kyoushiro Italian dubbed name Kyoshiro Yozuki Nana Izumi The granddaughter of Shinichirou Izumi (in the ... Filipino English dubbed name Joanna French dubbed name Nana Italian dubbed name Nanà Izumi Shin'ichirō Izumi After the death of Doctor Ryuuzaki, he takes ...

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